Waiting for 5sos to come to my door and whisp me away on the magical flying unicorn to the perfect land of which I get to tour with them and watch them live there dream in every city …
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    i feel like i do ships/rates all the time but whatever

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My babe


When I see arizona pics I get unstable I miss his embrace so much
  • Do you wanna know what makes me so mad is that no matter what I say I’m always gonna be told you like him because he’s famous you know what no I don’t I know of him because he’s well known but that does not for a second mean I can’t live him just for him ! Because he is a fucking angel ok his soul is so genuine and pure and his eyes can make me smile and his smile makes my heart race a thousand beats a minute and his voice can make me feel protected and his love radiating existence is what gets me through this horrible world we are surrounded by so don’t you fucking dare tell me I love him because he’s famous because he means so much more to me then just a fucking band name

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This makes me happy.

We’ll bend me over the table and spank me like a monkey there u have it folks
    • 5sos were not called a boyband
    • They were called a band
    • They were compared to Green Day
    • They were also likened to Blink-182
    • Dylan O'Brien you had one job to do
    • Dylan O'Brien you did that job very well
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    I’ve already reblogged this, and there will be a day when I will not reblog this, but today is not that day.

    This is one of the guys I love …. Haha and this is a major reason why I love him

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Michaels hair makes him the focal point of the picture though oh my :))
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